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Son - 16 February 07:11

I don't think the chair thing has much to do with gender, it's just technique. I'm femaleperson too on my firstly iii attempts I could non pick upwards the chair, but upon watching the woman inward the video I realised I was simply doing it wrong. When trying to pick the chair straight upward, you're leaning too far frontwards so your centre of gravity is over the chair non your body. To pick it upwardly, you just hold to tilt it firstofall. I'm sure males are just as capable of tilting a chair as females.

Nestor - 27 May 20:51

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Jannette - 13 July 09:04

Fucking HOT, awesome load!

Norman - 20 October 20:59


Larriva - 23 November 17:18

I understand it tin create people uncomfortable, but inthatlocation a lot of other factors other than comfort that demand to be addressed. I wouldn't telephonecall it a dinker inward a medical businessoffice if someone was uncomfortable with the word 'penis when talking about a cismale's medical needs.